15 Awesome Gift Ideas for 3rd Anniversary

Third anniversary gifts are traditionally made from leather. And staying true to tradition (with a modern twist, of course) you can consider endless of leather gift ideas.

  • Photo Frame/ Leather photo album – pick up a leather frame to display a picture of your family on his desk. If you want to be more creative, you could take a photo session, or pick one of your favorite wedding pictures.
  • Leather gloves – one more pair of gloves in the wardrobe would be always a good idea – driving gloves, working gloves, golf gloves, baseball gloves, ski gloves…. there are so many reasons to buy them
  • Leather belt – black, brown, thick, thin, dressy or casual. Pick up a belt to add to his wardrobe.
  • Leather slippers – comfy, durable and practical
  • Picnic Basket – buy a new leather basket, put some food and drinks and take him on a picnic.
  • Leather handbag, wallet, or book bag – pick up a new one and get monogrammed for reasonable prices online to make it more personal and special.
  • Leather scrapbook
  • Manicure Set – get a nail care set with a leather case
  • Leather passport holder – you can get passport covers with RFID blockers in them, so that random passersby cannot scan information off of the passport.
  • Leather jacket –  depending on the personality, you can choose between leather jackets for hipsters, bikers, for rockers, etc
  • Phone Case – there are a ton of cases on the market to protect phones or to add usefulness. Pick out a leather one to fit his phone.
  • Leather briefcase or laptop computer case – this is a super practical idea and a perfect one for men. There are so many options and styles to pick from on the market.
  • Leather diary or journal – for fishing, sports or any other purposes
  • Leather desk set
  • New Car – with a leather interior – sounds great but unfortunately this is not for everyone’s budget. Anyway, we can’t help but put it on this list. It is one of the ultimate gifts.