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Picking out the perfect anniversary gift is as hard as picking out the perfect words to say when celebrating an anniversary. Luckily you’ve come to the right place.

Revealing your feelings and wishes in an anniversary song with the name of your spouse has proven to be the most touching way to express yourself and make the most memorable present.

Our personalized anniversary songs are available for more than 2, 666 names.

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Aabha Aabhas Aachman Aadarsh Aadhya Aaditri Aadvika Aadya Aafrin Aahan Aahana Aai Aaisha Aakansha Aakash Aakriti Aakruti Aaksh Aaminah Aamir Aamira Aamna Aanaya Aanchal Aaradhya Aarav Aarna Aarohi Aarti Aarush Aarvi Aarya Aaryav Aashi Aashiyana Aashkan Aashu Aastha Aavdesh Aayat Aayush Aayushi Aayushma Abba Abbas Abbu Abdul Abdullah Abdulrehman Abha Abhay Abhi Abhijeet Abhilash Abhilasha Abhimanyu Abhinav Abhinay Abhiraj Abhiram Abhishek Abir Abraham Abrahim Abram Abubakar Achal Adarsh Adesh Adhiraj Adi Adil Aditi Aditya Adnan Advait Adwitha Aejaz Afra Afreen Afridi Afroz Aftab Afzal Agrima Ahima Ahmed Ahsan Aishwarya Ajay Ajendra Ajit Ajith Ajmal Akbar Akhil Akhila Akhilesh Akhtar Akka Akki Akram Akshaj Akshara Akshat Akshay Akshaya Aksheet Akshita Albert Aleena Alekya Ali Alihasan Alisha Aliya Alka Alok Alpa Alpana Alpesh Alpita Altaf Amandeep Amar Amardeep Amarnath Amarpreet Ambar Amber Ambiga Ambika Ambit Ambrish Ameya Amina Amit Amita Amitabh Amjad Amma Amman Ammar Ammi Ammu Amna Amol Amreen Amrish Amrit Amrita Amruta Anaaya Anam Anamika Anand Anandi Anandita Anant Ananya Anarkali Anchit Aneesh Angad Angel Anik Anika Aniket Anil Anila Animesh Anindita Anirudh Anis Anisha Anishika Anita Anjali Anjan Anjana Anjani Anju Anjum Ankit Ankita Ankur Ankush Anmol Anna Annika Anny Anoop Ansa Ansh Anshi Anshika Anshu Anshul Anshuma Anshuman Antara Anthony Anu Anubha Anubhav Anuj Anuja Anupam Anupama Anupriya Anuradha Anurag Anusha Anushka Anushree Anusua Anvi Anvisha Anvit Anvita Anwar Anwesha Aparajita Aparna Apeksha Apu Apurv Apurva Aqil Aqsa Araddhya Aradhna Arbaz Archana Archit Archita Archu Areeb Arfa Arham Arif Arihaan Arihant Arindam Arjun Arko Armaan Arnab Arnav Arnavi Arnica Arpan Arpana Arpit Arpita Arsalan Arshad Arun Aruna Arunava Arundhatee Arunima Arunkumar Arup Arushi Arvind Aryan Arzoo Asha Ashaaz Ashi Ashima Ashish Ashita Ashmit Ashna Ashok Ashraf Ashutosh Ashwin Ashwini Asif Asim Aslam Asmi Aswitha Atharv Atharva Atif Atriya Atul Aunty Avani Avantika Avatar Avdesh Avi Avinash Avnit Avyukt Ayaan Ayana Ayesha Ayeza Ayub Ayush Ayushi Ayushman Ayyan Azaan Azad Azhar Azim

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