Awesome Games for a Wedding Anniversary Party

Celebrating your wedding anniversary could be a lot of fun and there are many ways to fill the party with laughter.

Games are a great start. Some of them could be organized by children or siblings and they would help bring some long forgotten memories back to live or revive funny family stories and events.

The Relationship Quiz

This is one of the most popular games and I am sure you know it too. The couple is seated on two chairs back-to-back. Ask the couple a series of questions about different aspects of their relationship – where did they kiss for the first time?; Who’s better cook?; What’s the name of their favorite songs?, and etc.

Each of them writes the answers on a separate sheet of paper. There is a reward for every matching answer.

Who Knows the Couple Best?

For this game, you should be prepared well in advance. You need to collect the answers of your parents to about 20 questions. They should be something along the line of the location of their first date, interesting habits and facts in their live together, etc. Put the questions on paper and hand out a sheet to each guest. You can expect some really funny answers)).

The prize will take the guest with the most correct answers.

Who’s That Couple?

This game involves all married guests. They have to bring in an old photo from their wedding day. Have your guests try to guess which picture belongs to which couple. The answers could be surprisingly funny, and you won’t stop laughing. I can promise you.

With those funny and entertaining games, you can be sure that the celebrating couple will never forget this party. It will leave vivid memories and help them revive some touching moments from their past.