Simple, Yet Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Couples

Your wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you are wondering how to celebrate it. You dream of something special and creative so that you can show how much you care for each other. Celebrating nourishes the love within the couple and keeps it live for the years to come. So you can’t miss it. On the contrary, you should make the day very special and memorable.

Below you will discover some simple, yet romantic ideas that will touch your hearts:

  1. Recreate your wedding menu – I am sure that you will bring back a lot of memories if you try to recollect your first married meal with your spouse. Once you make sure that you both agree on the things you would like to reproduce, you can work together to select the right recipes, go shopping for the ingredients, and cook as a team.
  2. Relive your first date – wow! I am sure the excitement and feelings at the beginning of your relation were so intense that it is worth bringing them back to live again. Even if you can’t exactly recreate your first date for some reason (for example the place you first met was shut down long ago), you can find a good substitute with similar atmosphere.
  3. Blow up a balloon for each year of your marriage and put a note in each with something nice about your spouse. Your spouse will certainly enjoy reading what you have to say. This is the perfect time to express your feelings, because we often forget to say how much we love each other after all these years of living together. We think that our spouse is aware of them, but believe me, everyone sometime needs to be reassured of the feelings their marriage partner still holds.
  4. Do something new and different – You, as a couple, may have dreamt of doing something you’ve never done before, but you never find time to make it come through. What a better time than your wedding anniversary. Think of it as a new experience that will make your relation even stronger.
  5. Shoot a video telling your spouse what you appreciate about them. It is such a wonderful memento to keep and you can learn so much for each other!