Are you ready for your 10th Wedding Anniversary?

Congratulations! 10 years together! That’s really impressive and you should celebrate this this milestone with a gift that symbolizes the lasting love for each other.

Traditionally, the tenth year anniversary is marked with tin or aluminum. Both materials embody the durability and flexibility needed to sustain a loving union.

When it comes to jewelry and gemstones, the 10th wedding anniversary calls for the most distinct gemstone yet, the diamond. Diamonds symbolize longevity and love. But do not worry. If you can’t afford a diamond, there are affordable presents, other than a diamond, that also hold very sentimental meaning.

Here are a few symbols associated with the 10th wedding anniversary.

•  10th Traditional Anniversary Gift: TIN / ALUMINUM
•  Gemstone: DIAMOND
•  Flower: DAFFODIL

TRADITIONAL GIFT: Tin or Aluminum is the traditional present associated with the 10th wedding anniversary. If you need some gift ideas, you can think of aluminum watches, aluminum music box, tin candlestick holders, cookware and tin or aluminum picture frames.

MODERN GIFT:  Earrings, pendants, rings, cufflinks or a broach are all great ideas.

FLOWER: If you’re on a budget this year, skip the traditional or modern anniversary gift ideas and go straight for the flowers.  Daffodil is the official flower of the tenth wedding anniversary. They symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.